Flapjacks, Macarons and Falls

New years resolutions are so 10 months ago, this is different. This is a check-list, to be done before the end of this year, like an end of year resolution.

10 things to do before the end of the year:

  • Make Macarons (without any cracks in the top);
  • Take more photos;
  • Pass my exams;
  • Go to the Mac factory;
  • Buy this;
  • Make my own butter;
  • Go to BTS (better than sex) for cupcakes!
  • Convince my friends that a) flapjacks are not pancakes, b) flapjacks are delish;
  • Tea infused cake?
  • Go to falls!

Go ahead and make a to-do-before-end-of-year list? Let me know what it is!

Dressing your dog up is totally optional.


3 thoughts on “Flapjacks, Macarons and Falls

  1. I love your list. I’m always making grand to-do lists, with items like “win the lottery”. So far, no luck on that one, but I keep hoping!

    • My to do list is actually just a billion times longer and involves such things like; growing longer legs, winning the lottery and being a pro at frosting! but they all seem like too much for less than 2 months!

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