Macaron – attempt #1

Can you wink? Because I totally can’t, I look like a mentally ill turtle. It’s just another thing on the long list of things I can’t do; like roll my R’s, forward roll underwater and run a marathon.

I made these macarons; granted they’ve got nothing compared to mac factory or lindt. But they are better than some attempts i’ve seen.

They were cherry flavoured, because cherries are yum.

So that basically makes me Australia’s next top Masterchef as far as I’m concerned. Score!

There are lots of things that can go wrong with macarons, and basically it’s about having the ingredients as dry as possibly before starting, and all at the same temperature.

My macarons didn’t come out right, so I will persevere until they are perfect! No point posting a recipe that didn’t work; I have a feeling there was too much almond/sugar mix and it was too lumpy; more sifting!


6 thoughts on “Macaron – attempt #1

    • Thanks! They were apparently yummy, too chunky though I think. The ganache was a resounding success though; that’s where the cherry went in.

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