It seems like everywhere you look people are filling you in on what their 2011 was like and their resolutions for the coming year.

It’s not that I’m against that, in fact I quite enjoy reading the 12 month count downs; just other people’s, not mine. I just don’t think anyone cares about what I did in the past 12 months. Maybe you’ll care in another 12 months when I’m rich and famous for doing that thing with that girl from blah and that piece of cake in the hotel room etc (probably).

But here’s some things that you will be reading about in the next 12 months; which in my opinion are far superior to the previous 12.

Getting my cake decorator on; I’m talking fondant, finally achieving perfect icing and an inappropriate amount of edible flowers.

More savoury cooking: I have stupid amounts of cookbooks that have barely been used.

Some book reviews; short ones, not: Night before English book review is due. Haven’t written anything. Must. Overcompensate. With. Words

21st planning; it’s a biggie supposedly, but I don’t want my parents to waste money on a party, so I’m going to do it all myself. I have many plans, it’ll be fun! Planning is so much fun I probably wont even turn up to the actual event.

Hope your new year celebrations were excellent; I spent mine watching amazing music with crazy good people. I especially hope that you all had a kiss when the clocks struck 12, even if it was with the drunk old man who thought it meant something.


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