Broccoli Vs. Cupcake?

In my regular job I sell a lot of diet books. Whilst I respect the freedom to buy and read whatever you want, I also beg you to put down that darn book. I love you therefore you should totally love yourself! (Note: not always as easy as it seems but while you’re at it you should probably put down those women’s mags; they will make you feel fat. And bitchy.)

These books don’t teach you long-term habits; what they do is ruin your self-worth and don’t actually teach you about food. I read a blurb the other day that celebrated the skipping of meals and said that broccoli had the potential to be more fattening than a cupcake. For real, it actually said that.

Why would you skip breakfast?  Breakfast is awesome.
In fact Adelaide has some amazing places for breakfast, like ETC on east terrace, basically the whole Elizabeth street food area and I heard real good things about your own kitchen table.

Some tips that I recently learnt:
– Eat Slowly
– Buy the best food you can afford (It’s nigh on impossible to ruin an amazing base ingredient)
– Sit at a table and eat, make a meal of it
– Don’t eat until you are full, that will make you feel pretty yuck – plus what if zombies attack? You’re gonna have a heck of a time running away when you feel all full and sick.
– Keep trying new things, if you eat the same thing everyday you will become bored and eat more; I’m pretty sure it’s the same for heroin, go figure.

My other advice is to eat a cookie – don’t berate yourself – and then don’t eat a cookie tomorrow. Pleasure before pain always.


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