Dark Dark Chocolate Puddings

Dress-up is my national past-time, I love dressing up. As soon as October hits my browser becomes filled with tabs dedicated to costume ideas for one of my favourite holidays. Halloween! ( wait, I think I just said I was a country)

Right now I am revelling in the spooky, I motherflippin’ love Halloween, I love scary books; Salem’s Lot is not easy bed time reading btw, I love dressing up, I can do a fantabulous smokey eye, I own a lot of black and did I mention I love Halloween?

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Polenta Pancakes with Raspberry Syrup

Could we for one second forget that when I saved all the photos in a folder (my computer filing system makes me want to cry) that I saved the folder as Polenta Pankcakes? Can we forget that no, I haven’t changed that yet, and yes there are at least 30 photos without a home. Yes my laptop tells me that I’m running out of space. Yes I solve that by deleting Kardashian episodes.

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Spring Salad and Chorizo Carbonara

One of my favourite events is just around the corner so I’ve been trying to cram in as many nutrients as possible so that I do not get sick in anyway shape or form; Halloween is just the most fun, it’s light hearted and involves lots of lollies and dress up – what more could you possibly want?

I haven’t yet locked in my Halloween costume but I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around, I’d love to know what everyone else is going to be doing.

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Green Eggs & Ham (super quick faux pesto)

What do you do when you break up with a friend? It’s not really like breaking up with a boyfriend, it maybe something more deep than that, because a boyfriend break up is expected. You grow up watching films and reading books that tell you your knight in shining armor is on his way and that everyone else is just a frog. Continue reading

Summer Sports

Do you have your summer sport yet? Beach volleyball, swimming, bowls, ultimate Frisbee?
This year I’m going with tennis, there is some awesome and free tennis courts in North Adelaide; including the super awesome wooden one above. Continue reading