Summer Sports

Do you have your summer sport yet? Beach volleyball, swimming, bowls, ultimate Frisbee?
This year I’m going with tennis, there is some awesome and free tennis courts in North Adelaide; including the super awesome wooden one above.

I feel like I need to put a disclaimer: I am one of the least sporty people I know; I’m akin to Daria in most areas of sport.
And I’m not a good team sports person, I was always picked last for the team. But that is no reason not to get out there! Let me know what your summer sport is?
Anyway I’ll be spending my summer in the same way as a 1920’s lady of leisure, playing lawn tennis followed by drinking cocktails at 2 pm.
Maybe I wish my life was like The Great Gatsby, whatevs.

This week I have major amounts of homework due; which means I’ve spent hours procrastinating. These are my links of the week!

The Friend Diet – Apparently if your friends are overweight you may be too. And dating a fit person can have an excellent effect on your health. Go Figure.
Celebrating the Unremarkable – Do you think you are remarkable? What about just being normal?
The need for helmets? – What are your feelings on bicycle helmets?
The 10 best fictional boyfriends – Who would you add?



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