Green Eggs & Ham (super quick faux pesto)

What do you do when you break up with a friend? It’s not really like breaking up with a boyfriend, it maybe something more deep than that, because a boyfriend break up is expected. You grow up watching films and reading books that tell you your knight in shining armor is on his way and that everyone else is just a frog.

But what about your friend with shining wine bottle? We see the before and after; “friends forever” to “we just grew apart”, but sometimes it’s messier than that. Sometimes friendships are toxic, and you’ve put too much into them for it to just fade.
I’m assuming this is what 30-somethings means when they say they wouldn’t want to be 20 again.
So this is what I eat when I’m feeling a little bit lost, because Dr. Suess got it.

Plus the pesto isn’t pesto at all. And faux feels fitting right now.
So this is to Green Eggs and Ham, and hoping that my friend with shining bottle is on his or her way.

Green Eggs and Ham
Serves 1

2 stalks of Broccolini
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
small handful of pretzels
shaved parmesean
2 eggs
2 small pieces of bread
2 rashers of bacon

Heat a cast iron pan on high heat and add a few drops of olive oil. When it’s hot add the broccolini and heat quickly; about a minute. Remove broccolini and rest.
Reduce heat to medium and add the bacon.
Whilst the bacon is on, whisk one of the eggs in a bowl and cover bread in mixture.
Add bread to pan and cook on both sides.

Quickly add the broccolini, remaining oil, lemon, pretzels and parmesan to a processor and blend until still chunky but combined (this would also be nice with a touch of chilli in it).

When bread and bacon are done remove and cook the second egg in whichever way you please; I did sunny side up! (cast iron means I didn’t need to add any extra oil; I really don’t condone frying your eggs in huge amounts of it).
Layer and pour the pesto on top!
I also put tomato sauce on top, because it was Saturday night. Didn’t document it, yolo.


9 thoughts on “Green Eggs & Ham (super quick faux pesto)

  1. I totally hear you about “breaking up” with friends. It just plain out stinks. Even if its the best thing to do. Even if it happens naturally or gradually. To me its always hard.

    Hope you feel better!

    • Such a strange situation to be in, so similar but such a longer pain than break up with a boyfriend. Less kick you in the guts more achey, i’d say anyway.

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