This Week

I’m currently suffering from appears to be a week long food hangover; my body aches and my thighs are a lot less gappy.

I assumed I’d learnt my lesson after I ate so much jelly and ice cream that I was sick as a seven-year old. Apparently not. Then there was that time I got drunk on cheese.
Have you ever had a food hangover?I received my food hangover after a very full on weekend; here is the explanation in visual format. One day I will be able to provide a virtual interpretive dance in each of your homes. Until then…

I took pictures of my favourite backyard garden; including my duck egg supplier.

I went to Eat Drink Blog 2012; by far the highlight of my weekend was hearing Simon Bryant and Tammi Jonas on local, seasonal and ethical eating. Vegetaraian put up a great post on this. I also ate my weight in cake, potentially cried over how good a piece of steak was and made so many new friends!I got happy about this proposal on Australian TV. Legal please J. Gillard?

But most importantly; I got to go into the closed Adelaide Central Markets and meet lots of stall holders; including the Providore where I buy chocolate and Lucias who have some excellent products (the few packaged goods that I buy generally come from the central markets and about 75% would come from Lucias).

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