5 Things


Image from here.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, my posts have had such little heart in them. I’m sorry that some of what I’ve posted has been terrible. I’m sorry to myself, this isn’t what I wanted. I’m not sorry about the above photo though, dogs with messages are amazing.This surprisingly came about from attending a blogging conference, whilst I was there I met many amazing people (first and foremost Love Swah – it’s beautiful), many of these people seemed caught up in the metrics and financials of blog. Whilst I’m sure they still love their blog, on top of all of the other stuff. It’s just not for me.

I got caught up in it all, I started worrying about stats and click-throughs.
That’s not what this is. This is for me to experiment and post beautiful pictures and talk about things that matter.
I have a degree, this blog isn’t my job, I have two jobs. This blog is fun, it stopped being fun.
I’m excited again. I’m excited to do posts on things that matter to me; feminism, clothes, image, fruit and cake.  But not fruit cake. NEVER fruit cake. Yuck.


1. Reading up on tips to look like a local in New York at A Cup of Jo.
2. Falling in love with these simple (totally non-supportive) bras at Topshop, for fabulous lazy days.
3. These boots, amazing, I’m so excited to check out Free People in America
4. How I’m wrapping gifts this year, cute gift wrap from Target and classic black ribbon
5. The best lip/cheek stain around, that I NEED to replenish my supplies of.


2 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. There is that expectation with a blog–that people will fall in love with your ideas, and you will have a million followers and maybe a million dollars. It takes a while to find a niche–and often that niche changes when you find your stride. Enjoy yourself!

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