This Week

Los Angeles – check
When people tell you Los Angeles is a car city you better believe them, our first few days were spent trying to figure out what the heck was going on. We eventually worked out LA public transport, which is super cheap; but once we got the hire car life was a trillion times easier. So if you are heading to LA soon, hire a car! Here are some snaps from the past week.
1. Santa Monica beach, 2. Geoffrey Sparkles* with Sephora purchases, 3. My new nikon j1, desperately need a cover for it! 4. Bixby bridge in the Big Sur** 5. Sprinkles salted caramel ice cream and strawberry cupcake.

*If you follow me on Instagram (rachie_tlc) you will have seen a bit of Geoffrey Sparkles, he is following us on our adventure courtesy of my good friend Alex. He is so cute, and fits in perfectly in San Francisco.
**i have wanted to go here since we first decided to travel to America. Why? Because I am a huge death cab for cutie nerd! Even if you are not a dcfc nerd you should go, the views from the big sur are crazy and breath taking.

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