Living Below the Line…That Line

ImageDid you know more than 30 per cent of children in developing countries – about 600 million – live on less than US $1 a day. When we account for inflation (this was true in about 2005/6) and the exchange rate and purchasing parity this amounts to about $2 a day.
That’s $2 a day to live. (Source)

That’s crazy; but good news! This number is down, in 1990 43% of the worlds population lived in extreme poverty (that’s $2aud or less a day) to 21% in 2010. Halved.

And not only that but 7,256 children’s lives are saved each day. That’s 7,000 children that in 1985 would have died. (Source) This is happening because of you, and me and governments helping, sending aid, sending the right aid. Sending education. (Source)

And this is where Live Below the Line comes in; it raises money for schools and skill training and it educates you. $2 a day seems fair, seems almost easy. Right?
Well no. I’ve spent that last 2 weeks figuring out how I will live off that measly sum – and just for food! There are people living off $2 a day completely.

If all I can do from this post is get those numbers to you; tell you about the good that’s already happened. And tell you that momentum will see extreme poverty eradicated in your lifetime. Then I think the message got through.
But if you want to put me through pain, get a cupcake (if you live in Adelaide) and see how I live on $2 a day then head here and donate. If you are poor you can give a $1. Claim it back.


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