Sweet Potato, Pumpkin and Chickpea Soup

IMG_5621 I can see the end of winter.                                             I think.IMG_5628

Winter to me is always this ridiculous tunnel of gloomy days, cold weather, intermittent & inappropriate rain with pin pricks of light (and hope) emanating from the distant tunnel end. I long for spring days, warm breezes, lemonade, lavender and the first bites of berries.

IMG_5602The only pro of winter is that it’s socially acceptable to eat soup for every meal. It’s frowned upon in spring and practically sacrilege in Summer (let’s just ignore Autumn because at that point I’m still hanging on to Summer.) Which is where this baby comes in to warm you up and chase away those blues. The pumpkin and sweet potato scream volumes when cooked two ways, a la Heston, and you can unveganise it (as I did after) by using whole milk/cream and stewing the veggies in real butter. You won’t regret this.

This was a guest post at Gormandize so jump over to get the soup (scoop).


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