About Me

I’m Rachel and I am currently living, working, studying, baking and strolling around Adelaide in South Australia. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, strolling needs to be an Olympic sport.I live at home and I’m studying marketing (is this supposed to sound like an online dating profile; my boyfriend and I almost made one of those couples ones. Then it got weird and asked about spanking? Plus how does a couple date another couple? Weird.). Most importantly, I live with a girl called Delta, she is a dog. She has her own apron.My favourite ever ever ever fruit is strawberries and a close second is blood oranges. I shoot with my dad’s Canon D500, eventually I’ll get one of my own. And an oven of my own. This is my adventures on lens and oven on.

You can follow me on twitter @rachelsouthie, like me on facebook /littlecookbook, you could probably even try giving stalking a go, but I am part ninja.


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