My Week in Pictures

Sometimes batshitcrazy weeks happen, you just have to pick yourself up. And deal with life. This week was amazing right up until Sunday morning.

Making strawberry milkshake flavoured cake, there was enough batter left for cupcakes. If that’s not winning Charlie I don’t know what is!
Also is involves packet cake mix!!! Don’t be a hater.I finally saw Death Cab for Cutie; that gig was 8 years in the making for me. I hate taking photos at gigs, I’ll leave it to the professionals. Check out this review here. It was Shrove Tuesday! I made my Easy Pancakes with Sour Berry Sauce.One of my favourite things from Adelaide, the apple crumble is probably my favourite dessert. check them out at their original home at the Adelaide Central Markets.

I made a bunny trail at work, using flour and hair spray. So cute and it leads to this guyWe had an early birthday for my best friend Emily, she had a cake mishap with some bad flavour combos so we had Spinach and Feta Triangles with sparklers. Sparklers make everything better.So this is my knee, it’s all bruised because some guy hit me with his car. Bummer. I’m all good now. I assumed because of theories learnt in Spiderman that I would become a transformer overnight. This has not happened. Leading me to believe the car was a fake car (obviously the other alternative; i.e. Spiderman being a lie, is too hard to believe).

Recipe for Strawberry Milkshake cake coming soon!