This Week!

I have officially become one of those people who cannot function without a smart phone. My very cute phone met its untimely demise last week. Couple of words of warning, Digimob have apparently got this insane sense of humour. $620 to fix and $628 phone, they have to be joking yes?

So this is my new phone. It’s a Nokia, it’s sell point was a torch… yeah a torch! My friends all think this is hilarious. I’m beginning to see the funny side.

It’s Fringe time in Adelaide, which if you have never been is pretty damn awesome. For roughly a month Adelaide becomes one of the best places on earth to live. Hopefully I’ll get to see Ross Noble and lots of unknown comedians! In my mind March Fringe is to comedy what September issue is to Fashion. Comedy and fashion in one blog. I aim to please folks.

A bunch of other good stuff happened this week too. I figured out how to watch free movies, but for the sake of what is one of the coolest things Adelaide has I’ll just direct you to here where you can pay not very much to watch movies on beanbags and such.

Valentines day happened. Oh and I got an internship at Hills Weddings; that last bit is huge. I cannot describe how lucky I feel to have gotten an internship at somewhere so perfect; the beautiful people behind Hills marketing (totally linked with hills magazine) are totally delightful and the office is surrounded by such a pretty little country garden.

I have plans for purchasing of chinos for this grown up occasion.