Popcorn Tofu with Lemon Infused Rice

Sometimes when you love someone you just have to show it to them with food. Sometimes, just sometimes, a dead animal just does not cut it. I present to you, popcorn tofu, loved by boyfriends everywhere; sorry that’s not proven, my boyfriend liked it, obviously I did not make dinner for your significant other.

I’m going to go ahead and class this as my first Asian-fusion recipe. It counts. It totally counts. It’s crunchy, delicious, fried fun and chickens love it too*. My boyfriend stated that if KFC used that crumb he would eat there; I’m not really sure if that’s a compliment, but I’ll take it.

*Not actually tested, chickens may not love it.

This recipe is super easy and taken from a myriad of places so I’m gonna go ahead and call it my own.


1 packet of Organic Firm Tofu

1 Egg

3 tablespoons of Plain Flour

1 tablespoon of Seasoning

+ Salt & Pepper

1 teaspoon of Baking Soda

1 teaspoon of Semolina (optional; adds extra crisp in my opinion)

Oil, lots of. Preferably Vegetable or Canola.

1 cup of Rice

1 1/2 cups of Water

1 Lemon


Cube the tofu and blot on paper to remove the moisture, this ensures the outside goes crispy.

With two small bowls prepare the flour/seasoning mix in one bowl and in the other crack an egg and whisk.

Heat the oil in a pan, oil should be deep enough to completely submerge tofu pieces.

Cook rice according to packet instructions adding 1/2 a lemon cut into quarters.

When oil is hot, start dipping the tofu in egg then into the flour mix then straight into the oil. You’ve gotta be quick and nimble!

Remove tofu pieces when they turn a light golden colour and drain on kitchen roll.

Serve up in bowls with fresh slices of lemon.

We served with quickly pan-fried broccolini in a lemon dressing. Serve with whatever sauce takes your fancy. Eat and enjoy.