5 Things


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I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, my posts have had such little heart in them. I’m sorry that some of what I’ve posted has been terrible. I’m sorry to myself, this isn’t what I wanted. I’m not sorry about the above photo though, dogs with messages are amazing. Continue reading

4 Years

Four years ago today I landed in Australia, four years ago I was 100% lost with zero friends in a totally foreign country which I definitely did not want to be in.

In four years I have made the most amazing friends, had some amazing long distance phone calls, changed my plans a billion times, got a puppy and met a pretty darn amazing guy called Nick. Actually I met about 8 different Nicks and they are all pretty rad.In four years my love for Adelaide has grown, I’ve discovered Gouger street, the food, all of the different markets, the biggest vintage shop I’ve ever been in and realised that Australia isn’t always beach ready.In four years I’ve realised the faults of the country I left behind; but even better I’ve missed the best bits – that’s given me a better sense of home than you could ever get by staying put. I would hazard a guess that Jamie Oliver and the lack of high street clothing helped. It took me about two seconds to realise I did not miss Jeremy Kyle.

In four years I’ve changed, like a lot. I went to uni and I’ve stuck at it – that is crazy.This year I’ll finish university, become a citizen of another country and turn 21. That’s cray.

To the past four years, thank you, you were bitchin’ (in so many ways).

Glow in the Dark Driveway and other such cuteness.


This has to be my first totally unplanned post, however I totally don’t have time to finish up my post on the dark chocolate brownies I made last week, which by the way went down a treat. I really feel like I needed to pay more attention to this, as it seems like the rest of my life is getting a teeenie tiny bit uncontrollable.

So I thought I’d share with you some pretty rad stuff from life and the internet.


I just saw this on A Cup of Jo, which is a super sweet blog with just the most inspiring posts and amazing how to’s. 

Who wouldn’t want to come home to this!


I spent my weekend browsing the Adelaide Central Markets and picking up some amazing brie and grapes all so I could spend Saturday night in making invites and painting my nails all glittery; I think somewhere in there was an intention to study. But let’s be serious, who studies on a Saturday night. Sacrilegious? I hear you.


Because not all blogs are written by mothers, and not all lunches are done with children. You can check out more of these cards at the new Irving baby store behind the Austral.


This picture just makes me laugh so much, this is a G&B (gin and banana), I have a sneaking suspicion that it will most definitely take off at bars nationwide. So watch out.

Disclaimer – I wouldn’t actually advise on the consumption of G&B’s especially consumption in the plural. May taste nicer with more tonic.