Hey, were you guys aware that it is Christmas today?

Like for reals; I hope you are all spending it happy and well fed with people you love/ at least enjoy the company of.

All I have to do today is make salads; score!

I hope you haven’t all had stressful weeks leading up to this day (I’ve seen mothers break down in tears because we don’t have complete sets of books left…) I pretty much had everything done and planned weeks ago so I’ve had the stress levels of a shell with shoes on (mainly because I bought a total of 5 presents!). This lack of stress has given me time to enjoy awesome things like:

Tabitha the cat

and making grand english dinners with my bestie; okay yorkshire puddings and gravy with mash!

However the most exciting thing was finally trying out the Mac factory, it has seriously been at least six months since I had a late night discussion/ craving sesh with my friend.

They were so worth the wait, so soft and chewy on the inside with the perfect crust and feet on the outside. Me and Nick shared a raspberry, strawberry and vanilla (with the 100’s &1000’s on top) and green apple.

I have another batch of semi failed macarons as well; I’m positive it’s my fear of mixing and slapping the air out of them now.

Merry Christmas xx