Worcestershire broccolini on toast

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Adelaide Central Market? No? Well I do, lots. It’s so cheap and full of delicious things. Walking around there for an afternoon will blissfully wash away any memories of those fluorescent ‘super’markets. (note: I totally still shop at these places but I definitely hate myself for it)

I’m doing this whole month without sweet foods thing; which is kind of turning my dreams into this; Cake car? Uh shyeah!


Did you know broccolini is in season, super awesome and super cheap? It totes is.

This is what you can do with your super awesome super cheap broccolini from the markets.

First slice up some nice bread!

Then you chop up some broccolini (a bunch), mushrooms (2 handfuls sliced) and garlic (4 cloves, chopped finely), lotsa garlic.

Your gonna need Worcestershire sauce (6 tablespoons), lots of this. and then you chuck it all in a pan with some big slugs of olive oil. It gets steamy.

Then serve on the bread and pour the excess juices all over it.

Recipe adapted from the Jamie’s Great Britain.