The J Word

Juxtapositions. They are what life is all about, sometimes the best isn’t always the most expensive. I try to remember this; but everyone tries to keep up with the Jones’ at some point in time. It all gets a bit tiring and makes the whole situation a bit pointless.

Possibly the best financial advice I ever heard was to ‘Live below your means’, Warren Buffett said that; in 2008 he was ranked the richest person on Earth, I think he knows about money.

It’s generally a good quote to remember in your 20’s, when you’ve got all of these aspirations that you are trying to work towards. The feeling that you can potentially buy your way to happiness; whilst knowing that’s bull, is never too far away. It really doesn’t help if you read a billion blogs a day and they all seem to be written by wealthy mums! When did mums take over the internet? Gen Y we gotta fix this!

So to look at this in a super light-hearted way; here is the most obvious juxtaposition I own. My Make-Up Bag.

My Favourite lipsticks right now are : Sportsgirl Pout about it in Rosie Posie and Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L’exubérante

My favourite face products are this Chanel foundation (none of you are as pale as me so I don’t think we need to divulge quite how pale I am) and Face of Australia Primer, I have read a billion reviews and this is my third bottle, there’s no difference between this and the expensive stuff!

My all time best beauty products have to be these two though, my grandmother has some of the best skin I’ve seen and she has always used Simple, the make-up wipes get rid of everything. Payot’s Paté Gris is the best for stand alone pimples which I tend to get, it either makes them disappear and or it gets it all out, either way it leaves no mark and doesn’t dry out your skin too much.I turned 21 and finished uni (for the semester) in the last week and consequently spent the entire week baking, studying and stressing out. I took no photos of anything which I semi regret but trialled lots of recipes which I’m keen to perfect. That rhymed – gosh I love when that happens, I begin to think my inner Dr. Suess is finally here. But then I just kind of want a beer.

Rhyming baking blog, is that a thing?