Butter time

So my dad has this fancy camera, one of those SLR ones; and I have been dying to play with it forever. This was my week/I borrowed it whilst he was at work, he will never know (except for the fact I’m posting this on the internet and probably will know now).

I took some of the worst photos ever, they are like hilariously bad. But I also got some good ones (I think) and I got my food styling on, which is actually really hard.

Anyway, so I made butter because it was on my list; and because sometimes going to the shops and buying butter is just boring. Sometimes you just wanna hang out in front of a mixer for 10 minutes. That is fine, totally cool. Plus if you have a stand mixer you can paint your nails at the same time, it’s like perfect yeah?

So you just get cream, however much you want. You don’t even need to measure it, you just stick it in a mixer and mix it on high for 9/10 minutes. These pictures explain it pretty well.

Have fun butter fingers!