A girl obsessed.

blog2103Clockwise from top left – Black and white semi structured Zara top (it’s just too perf). Alexander Wang suspension pencil skirt with glow thread (a girl can wish). Purity Ring and their album shrines. I have such a scone obsession since the UK, I intend to perfect my scone making skills.

I get into these mini obsessions a lot, mainly on a piece of clothing, a certain wine or beauty routine. I like to embrace them, because from them are borne aspects of my personality – where you learn just that little bit more about yourself. Here’s just a selection of things that I just cannot live without at the moment. Like at all. Would die. Okay I can probably live without the Alexander Wang – but really. Please?

Summer living

Ahh today was pretty hot here in Adelaide.

Between the lack of summer clothes and far too much procrastination I have totally been designing my entire wardrobe/life for summer. For some reason it’s neutrals and pinks with splashes of glitter thrown in.

1. Bourjois – 10 Days Nail Enamel in French Manicure

2. Martha Stewart – Glitter in .2mm Sterling (for glittery nails!)

3. T2  – White Xmas (totes for iced tea)

4. Reed Krakoff – Boxer 1 leather and shearling tote (Wish list)

5. Lobo Cider – Apple cider (Local Apples from the Adelaide Hills and the best cider I have ever had, check it out here)

6. Zara – Sequinned Miniskirt

Hello Summer!

There definitely needs to be another one in regards to festivals though.