The thigh gap and other worries

This particular post is aimed at your nether regions. A bit lower. Yeah there. The thigh gap, feature of every girl-sunbathing-on-beach-photo ever. Apparently it’s the new toned upper arm.
I have no proof of this.
Actually that’s my own personal nemesis.

I’m going to admit that I worry about the thigh gap far more than normal. But it seems that the level of normal is higher than I first thought; so I thought it was apt for me to share other things that I worry about on par with the thigh gap. Thus helping me feel better and you! Because they are all teeny tiny worries; for example, please note that ‘the current asylum seeker laws’ is not on the list and neither is ‘Marriage Equality; both of which are real issues, worth spending some time on.

The teeny-tiny-worries list:
Are all my friends hanging out without me?
Should it be this uncomfortable to watch any period related ad with Nick?
Why is my dog so judgmental?
How can you get skinnier knees?
How much cake is too much?

There, it’s like group therapy, but free. What are your tiny worries?

This song always helps:

I talk about diets in this post; too much stress when you could go shopping instead.

Part 2 of Blood Orange Love is coming up super-duper soon. As well as a very special post.

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8 thoughts on “The thigh gap and other worries

  1. I am with you. I suspect the thigh gap is an illusion. I’ve never seen sunlight between my evil leg bits.

    Can definitely associate with you other worries too. Plus residual guilt for not cleaning the hous enough. Does worrying about this make me less of a feminist?
    It is too hard. Time for snacks.

    • The feminist worries definitely require a whole other post. Is wearing make up making me less of a feminist? What about heels? Does looking pretty make me less intelligent and less pro feminism… GAH.

      It’s always good to know that other people worry, then you can kinda feel like hey; someone else is worrying about this. I don’t need to any more!

  2. I also worry that people think my typing errors are actually spelling errors. Damn you iPad!
    Good call though – let’s split the worries and we can all do half as much!

  3. your amazing, i too share these little worries and have to ask why is it so awkward to watch period adds with boys lol! and i love the song you added one of my favourites 🙂

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