Five for Monday

Sometimes it definitely seems like I can bake only under pressure. Sunday I had all the time in the world and I set out to make a fairly simple creation “Exploding Strawberry Cheesecake”, the issue came with a non-bake cheesecake… Martha Stewart you failed me. It didn’t set at all, in any way, shape or form. It was barely a custard. I froze it and salvaged what I could but it was no way photogenic. Still delicious, but no.
I used the base from the exploding chocolate tart with the shortbread that I made a week or so ago (I froze the shortbread to keep it)

This is whats getting me through ’til friday:

This Workout – The New York Ballet Work Out – It’s so dark and moody, but also super fun.This Question – The most thought-provoking read I’ve had in a while. It’s quite close to my heart, I’ve made the decision not to have children and despite being 21(!) if I tell anyone this, I have to explain myself. I think it should be the opposite way around. What are your thoughts? – Children or no children?. Image from Sparkles

This Jumper – From AsosThis Bikini – Bikini from Modcloth, Picture from K is for KaniThis Shot – Cherry Season – It’s here. These are from the House of Organics at the Adelaide Central Markets.

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